Thursday, September 27, 2012

Southern Comfort Punch

Hey friends, it's THIRSTY THURSDAY!!! Woooooo!  Time to get crazy!

Actually no.  This week my "wild" Thursday consisted of work, a bike ride, a run, and some baking.  Oh, and eating leftovers for dinner.  Real crazy.  I know.

But if you are ready to get your weekend poppin, I know just what you need!  We made this Southern Comfort Punch at our party last weekend and it was a big hit!

The funny thing about this recipe is that it actually comes from my grandma Mimi.  The funny thing about all of my alcoholic punch recipes, is that they come from my grandma Mimi.  It makes her sound like such a lush--but totally not the case!  She just likes her glass of boxed wine before bed every night :)

I'm actually told quite frequently by family that I'm a clone of my grandmother.  When her brother was still alive, he insisted that I looked just like her as a kid.  She and I both firmly believe that "idle hands are the devil's handiwork" (yep, Mimi loves that one) and therefore are constantly on the go.  Even in her 80's, Mimi was volunteering at the free clinic in my home town, driving friends to and from doctor's appointments, preparing meals for shut-ins, and tagging along with my parents to cheer for me at cross country meets ("Go Meggie!!").  She is super awesome in every way and it's an absolute compliment to hear the comparison.

Oh and one more thing, apparently we both love throwing parties.  I remember as a kid my grandparents hosting "card club" which I'm pretty sure was just an excuse for all their friends to come over to drink and enjoy good food.  (yep, that definitely runs in the family!)  I'm also pretty sure this punch recipe made a number of appearances at "card club" over the years.  If it was good enough for Mimi's friends, then it's good enough for my friends.  And if it was good enough for Mimi, then it is definitely good enough for you!

-1 750 mL bottle Southern Comfort
-4 frozen lemonade concentrates, thawed
-2 frozen orange juice concertrates, thawed
-1 1/2 cup lemon juice
-1 2 liter bottle of Sprite (or other lemon-lime pop)

**Yes I say POP, not SODA.  I'm from western PA and that's how we roll.

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl and serve chilled.  Seriously easy.  Seriously delicious.

Some southern comfort, from my kitchen to yours :)

Tall One

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