Meet the Spatularettes

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The Spatularettes are all about enjoying the simple pleasures found every day.  We believe that a good life is marked by the food we eat and the people we share it with.  This blog is dedicated to celebrating food, friendship, love, and experiences!  We hope to inspire you to try something new and to cook for those you love! (Like our aprons?)

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Tall One originally hails from a small town in northwest Pennsylvania and Small One grew up in rural Maryland.  Adjusting to life as city girls has been nothing short of an adventure!  We'll share our experiences and passions with you, as well as all of the great things we are discovering about the city of Philadelphia!

Small One has found love, but Tall One is still looking for the perfect Spatular.  We'll tell you all about our favorite foods, our favorite Spatulars and how to bring the two together in the kitchen! 

Cooking for a family is a lot of work, but cooking for just yourself can sometimes be more difficult.  As single gals we've discovered the challenges (and the fun) of cooking for one.  We love having the opportunity to make what we like, but also to feed those we love.  We enjoy experimenting with food and trying out new techniques and ingredients, as well as putting some fun twists on tried and true recipes.  We promise that we will make you laugh and hopefully teach you a thing or two as you follow our trial and error adventures in the kitchen.