Friday, March 2, 2012

Pam's 12 in 2012 List

The next 12 in 2012 list belongs to Pam, one of The Spatularettes' nearest and dearest friends.  Pam ran college cross country with Tall One and Small One, then moved to San Francisco after graduation to pursue her Master's degree at one of the top art schools in the country.  She is funny, smart, creative, and one of the most inspirational people we know.  We are so excited to share her 12 goals for 2012 and to support her throughout the year as she works towards acheiving them.  She sent us this list awhile ago, but we couldn't think of a better time to post it than now since is moving back east this week (!!!) to acheive goal number 1!
1.  Find a job in an art related field that I am passionate about.
I was satisfied with making a living through a hobby for about six months, but now I want to know I can put all my hard education and writing to the test! I know I'm qualied for a lot of museum/curatorial jobs but I want to feel inspired, not satisfied. I don't want to wake up at 30 and just THEN be breaking into the curatorial field. I want to be 25 and surrounded by art :)

2.  Complete a 7-10 day juice fast.
I recently saw the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead." Now, I realize I'm none of those things, but after loosing 30-35lbs last year, I want to maintain in a new way. Health to be before used to mean loosing the excess weight and cutting out unhealthy habits, now its about re-training my mind and body to appreciate the healthy choices I've made and tighten up my goals by appreciating those greens more and more. 

3.  Feel more self confident.
I've come a long way in this journey, but there is always room for improvement. I still get down on myself alike many others I'm sure. But, the key for me this year is realizing the triggers and stress that bring on my self doubt.

4.  Break 1:42 in a Half Marathon.
I KNOW I CAN! I need to focus on completing my training all the way through a cycle and not burning myself out a few weeks before the race. I suffer the most during miles 7-9 and I need to train and focus on running through those moments. I know that's where my time adds up. 

5.  Go Back to Marfa, TX.
I did this trip about three years ago and it was life changing. Looking back that was probably the most inspired and excited about life and art I've ever felt. I did the trip alone, and this time it would mean a lot to me to share this experience with someone else. 

6.  Get my mom and dad working out.
This doesn't mean they have to become parents with abs of steel, but the more and more I learn about my own body and how amazing I feel now through diet and exercise, I want them to feel that way too. My mom after her battle with breast cancer lost a ton of weight and she needs to build up some strength again. My dad loves his Coors Lites, and I never want him to loose that party attitude, but I do want him to gain 25-30 min of walking a day!

7.  Visit friends.
Should be easy enough, but it's hard when I live on the other end of the country. When I do see my favorite people, it only reminds me how much I miss them and need their support in my life. Setting aside one or two trips this year back east would be great.

8.  Attend my first Pig Roast as a Juniata Alum.
Um, self explanatory, this is mandatory. 

9.  Watch two documentaries a month.
I've been really interested lately with the wonderful world of documentaries. I love to read, but sometimes it's nice to kick back and learn something about a topic I never even gave much thought to. I've realized seeing people live through tragedy, experience triumph, puts my life problems or worries into perspective. Maybe what I worry over isn't so bad, or maybe to me they are. But you find knowledge and strength through watching others. 

10.  Call home (especially to Aunt Ida).
I slack off when things get busy. I usually rest easy with a simple email, but I need to stop relying on technology via emails and texts and start making voice on voice communication! This applies too for friends now that I think about it, ha. 

11.  Get over my self-consciousness when it comes to dancing.
I vow to go out dancing SOBER and not be embarrassed. I need to learn no one knows what they are doing and everyone just wants to move. No one is watching you Pam... loosen up and just dance! 

12.  Make two new friends.
Living far away and starting a new life in a radically new state forced me to make new friends. I was lucky enough to make friends through graduate school, roommates, and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I don't want to become complacent. I'd like to meet two new people that challenge me and bring me out of my comfort zone. Two new people to share a friendship with!

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