Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tall One's 12 in 2012 List

So here it is, my list of 12 goals for 2012.  These aren't resolutions... I'm not swearing off chocolate or pop (soda for those of you who didn't grow up in Western PA), promising to keep my desk at work organized (which anyone who knows me, knows is not a reality), or committing to getting 8 hours of sleep a night.  I gave this list a lot of thought, and these are the things I would really like to achieve this year.  I've got a long way to go on some of these goals, so good thing it's a leap year and I get an extra day!

1.  Break 90 minutes in the half marathon
I've run 1:33:10 in the half marathon but I believe with proper training I can be fast enough to run 1:30 flat.  Women hit their peak running years in their mid 20's.  I turn 25 this year, so it looks like my time is here!

2.  Meet men in places other than bars
I realized the other day that nearly everyone I've gone out with since moving to Philly, I met in a bar.  Given the quality of man I am looking to date, there has to be a better way (and place!) to meet guys.  Please let me know if you have a suggestion!!

3.  Leave the country
I spent an incredible semester abroad while in college but have not left the country since. (The Bahamas don't count!)  You learn so much about yourself by experiencing another culture, and I'm ready for that experience again.

4.  Stop cursing
My mom always says, "Is that how a lady should talk!?"  No, Mom.  It is not.  Therefore, this is the year I will put an end to it.

5.  Master sign language
I have a deaf co-worker who has been teaching me sign language.  She is awesome, and I can't wait to be able to communicate with her better.  Not to mention there are a ton of great opportunities for someone who is ASL certified!

6.  Stop taking things for granted
My friends have been talking lately about the way our generation is plagued by an entitlest attitude.  As much as I hate to admit it, I think I have a little bit of that attitude too.  This year I want to stop taking the blessings in my life for granted and to be inspired to help those who don't have so much to be thankful for.

7.  Read the entire Bible
I am a Christian.  I have gone to church, and Sunday school, and Bible study my whole life.  But I have never read the entire Bible.  This is the year!  Let me know if you have any tips to keep me from getting stuck!

8.  Be committed to The Spatularettes
This blog has been a great opportunity for me to spend more time with my best friend as well as to sharpen my skills in the kitchen.  Despite our busy schedules, I want to make The Spatularettes a priority in my life this year so I can continue Living, Loving, and Cooking :)  If you enjoy reading the blog, please send us your feedback and ideas so we can make it even better!!

9.  Spend less and save more
"Spend less and save more" is a classic new year's resolution.  I don't want to treat it like a resolution though and give up on it after a month.  I want to become more conscious of my spending habits, and use that knowledge to save better.

10.  Read a book a month
One of the ways I wish I was more like my older brother is to have his reading habits.  He is an avid reader and I rarely see him without a book in hand.  Reading so much has made him more intelligent, creative, and filled him with crazy ideas for new adventures, which I love!  I don't think I'll ever read the way that he does, but I would like to achieve a book a month this year.

11.  Become more politically aware
Confession:  I'm a bad citizen.  I forgot to change my voter registration when I moved to Philadelphia 2+ years ago... so yeah... I haven't voted in awhile.  This is a major election year though so there is no better time to start doing my research on the issues and candidates (local and national!) and start acting like a responsible American again. (PS: I have at least taken the first step and switched my registration to my neighborhood in Philly.)

12.  Be amazed
2011 was a great year full of fun, friends, runs, travel, work, school, and a whole lot of craziness!!  By the end of the year though I felt like I was sprinting from one thing to the next, not even having time to take in the details.  2012 is the year that I'm going to get seriously picky about how I spend my time.  I'm going to allow myself to slow down and take the time to appreciate what is going on in my life and all around me.  I want to be amazed!!!

Want to know more about 12 in 2012 Project?  Click HERE then send us your 12 goals for 2012!!

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